Monday, June 13, 2011

A weekend in pictures

Van is a little guy who likes to be on the go. No sitting around the house for us. We plan our weekends so that most of his waking hours involve being outside weather permitting or museums/malls/inside playgrounds weather not permitting. Here are some pics from the past weekend. Average by all accounts.

"Let's get this weekend started!"

Saturday morning while at the Byward Market I noticed a yellow school bus in a store window. Van loves buses. Every sighting of a bus results in loud "It a baaaa!! It a baaaa!" Sometimes we'll look around and not see a bus, then 20 seconds later a bus will appear down the road or around a corner. How he sees them we have no idea but he is definitely bus obsessed. So when I saw this little bus I just knew I had to get it for him. The result is that I don't think it left his hands the entire weekend (as you see in many of the pics). We managed to pry it out of his hand for meals and sleep though thankfully lol.

At the park:

At the playground:

Admiring the bus:


Blurry cool dude!

The experimental farm:

Playground at the farm:

"Alright, what's next?"

"What's in here?"

"Time to catch up on some reading and grab a bit of sustenance":

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