Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Less than a month left of Van's second year

It's hard to believe but Van's second year of life is soon going to be over and he will journey into year three. As my blogging has slowed down considerably over the past few months I will save developmental updates for when he does turn two. In the meantime I think my posts will be mostly pictures and videos. I'm sure that's the preference of readers anyway :)

A few Canada Day pics without Van:

Canada Day at the playground (a better fit for a 2 year old):

The parliament hill fireworks seen from our attic window:

Splash park fun (well, he actually preferred the playground or watching the water go down the drain when the sprinklers turned off lol):

Here's a little montage video of Van...well...running around lol. Note in the middle of the video when Pat asks him if that's his bus he actually says cheerios. That's what was in the container he was trying to pick up along with his bus. Multitasking:

Van 22 months from Patrick Lewis on Vimeo.

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