Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trip out east

Last week Van and I flew to Halifax so he could visit his Ba (my mother) and grandpa. We had a fun 3 days and then Pat met him at the airport and took him to Cape Breton so he could visit Pat's side of the family. It was a great trip and Van did very well with it all. It was nice for some of my friend's to meet him or see him again (Pat brought him for a visit last summer). I was quite nervous about having him on my lap for the 1.5 hour flight from Ottawa to Halifax. I am a nervous flyer at the best of times (even after having travelled all over the world) so the thought of toddler wrangling on my lap was pretty daunting! As he is still under two he is able to travel for free so we couldn't justify buying the extra seat. Luckily once in the air a very nice man switched places with me as the seat beside him was empty. Wow did that ever change our experience! Van was perfect. I was able to strap him in then keep giving him books and activities. He had no issues. The same can't be said for Pat's flight back to Ottawa with him yesterday (I didn't go to Cape Breton and flew back Sunday). Poor Pat didn't get an extra seat and Van was, well, less than happy to be stuck on daddy's lap for 1.5 hours. I think he's at an age now where he really wants to be a big boy, and being a big boy entails having your own seat of course. Sufficed to say Pat is glad we'll have to buy a seat for Van next time lol.

I had a great time with Van during my time in Hali with him. We spent some good quality time together. I discovered that if you take him to a coffee shop he'll happily sit there while you drink your coffee if he's allowed to sit in the adult seat, has a book and a window to look out of. Who would have thought you could have nice relaxing times with a toddler. Everybody loved him of course although he was reticent of people, particularly women. He had a really hard time with his Ba which was a bit sad. Not sure why but he just didn't want her around him. She'll be here in July so I'm hoping she'll have a better shot with him once it is on his turf so to speak. He sure did love his grandpa though (my mom's boyfriend). He was great with Van which we are so thankful for as my father is not involved in our lives and Pat's father passed away 14 years ago. It is nice for Van to have a grandfather figure in his life.

Here are some pics from his visit to Hali and Cape Breton.

Trying udon at my favourite Hali restaurant Dharma Sushi:

At the Discovery Centre:

Enjoying the toys of one of my good friend's D's children:

With two new friends, D's little guys L and A:

At the playground with grandpa:

Watching the skateboarders:

Dinner with my old friend K and her handsome son A (who is Inuit):

I had to add this pic, even with K's arm in it, as Van was smiling :)

With Ba and Grandpa:

In Cape Breton with grandmother (Pat's mom):

With Uncle Glenn:

Enjoying the Lewis homestead:

Showing off his ride:

The cousins:

It was a great trip and I hope that family and friends will be able to make it here for a visit soon.

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