Monday, March 28, 2011

Second year molars??

Hey blogging friends with children. When did your little ones get their second year molars? Van has been really rangy the past 5 days and we can't figure out what is wrong. He hasn't had a temperature and everything else seems fine. We've tried looking in his mouth for the molars but it's impossible to see back there. We just can't figure out why he's been so nasty. Even his daycare provider can't figure it out. He's basically averaging about 5-10 tantrums/meltdowns a day (past 5 days). Normally he's a pretty happy kid and doesn't push boundaries too much (we're lucky) but the last few days he's been trying to get into trouble and then tantruming when he doesn't get his way. Also not liking things he normally likes such as baths and has decided that eating snacks in his highchair as opposed to on his comfy chair in the living room requires a dramatic meltdown. The reason we're wondering about the teething is that the last time he was this miserable all the time was when he was getting his eye teeth and molars in the late fall. I think second year molars usually come later but he did get all his other teeth on the early side. He is also very orally fixated these days and has his hands or toys in his mouth a lot. Another thing is that he's been sleeping a lot more. He actually had a morning nap on Saturday for the first time in months (other than when he was sick). Anyway, just looking for insight from parents who have gone before as we would love to know this behaviour will ease up soon lol as it's been challenging to say the least.

Here are a few examples of the hand in his mouth:

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  1. Ben took literally months and months to get his bottom 2 year molars. They were all the way in by about 2 and a half but seriously, 6 or more months of peeking through then receding then peeking through and on and on and on. The top 2 have not even peek yet. They have been the worst teeth for Ben by far.