Thursday, March 31, 2011

Language explosion

Okay, perhaps I exaggerate but in comparison to where we were in January it feels that way lol. We took him to an early words assessment last Friday and she felt there were no issues. She did put us on the waiting list though, just in case. She felt his understanding was advanced and that he seemed to have enough words to not be overly troublesome. Since last Friday he's added even more words. He's even strung a couple together i.e. "It's an apple", "it's a ball" (sounds more like "i a baw" and "i a appoo" but close enough!!). He also says mama and has pointed to pictures of me and said mama. He also seems to consider Pat mama too though lol and hasn't said dada in awhile. He says "ya pwease" for yes please when you ask him if he wants something. He now can point at pictures if you say where's the cat or dog. He can also say baby and bear. Seems the b, m and a sounds are what he's working on right now. He also tries repeating a lot of words you say. He'll point to a picture and say what sounds like "what's that" i.e. "wa a". Then he'll watch our mouths as we say the word.

Another little aside about our funny little guy is that he seems to really find different accents interesting. As you all know he looooves the Wiggles. Other than the music we think he also likes the Australian accents. On the Best of the Wiggles DVD he becomes enraptured with the owl song because Steve Irwin does the intro. He loves Steve Irwin, so sad that he is no longer with us :( His other favourite song is the "tie me kangaroo down mate" one with Rolf Harris.

I love my cuddly, loving, stubborn and quirky little man!!

He got a much needed haircut last Sunday. Here are a few pics to finish off :)

I forgot to mention. He's been with us exactly 10 months today!

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