Wednesday, March 23, 2011

20 months old!

Van will not be at a teen age again until he is a teenager!! How crazy is that?! He turned 20 months old on Monday. Nothing too new to report in the past couple of weeks. He has a couple of more words. He consistently tries to say Chibi when we do although he won't attempt her name on his own. He now says mama and daddy/dada to refer to us (took long enough little stinker! I've only been waiting patiently for you to call me mama for almost 10 months :) ). We are heading to an early words check-up on Friday and I am very interested to see what they say (no pun intended).

On Saturday we met up with Sam, Woody, Max and Vanh along with Francesca and baby Matteo for a stroll around Chinatown. It was Van's first time having an extended walk on city streets. He did amazingly well and was none too happy whenever we had to pick him up or put him in the stroller. He expects that he should be able to walk all the time now. Unfortunately we don't have enough time in a day to get from point A to point B with a toddler who walks a block in 10 minutes lol.

The gorgeous arch again (Pat took the pics and didn't really get any of Van on his outdoor hiking adventures this time):

Hanging out on the corner;

Pho for lunch, yum! Pat took some great pics of the ever photogenic twins Max and Vanh:

Max (thanks Sam lol):


My baby boy enjoying his lunch:

Hanging out at home in his shell suit (for my UK/Ireland friends/family lol):

Yes, he needs a haircut. Not sure he is really rockin the mullet...

Another fun walk, this time around the neighbourhood and to the park:

The now requisite monthly table shot. 20 months old! (first thing in the morning before being taken to daycare. Hence the dazed look):


  1. I love the one in the park, where he's running and laughing! And he doesn't look stunned, he looks seriously handsome.

    Okay, sorry about the colours, Max's team is the Sharks (teal) and Vanh's the Spiderman fan!

  2. Great photos and Happy birthday Van!!!

  3. Dang! Will I ever get the twins figured out lol. I guess he does look pretty handsome, minus the stains on his sweater mind you.

    I wish we had gotten some pics of Teo Francesca but he was sleeping away :) Next time!

  4. Happy twenty-month-a-versary Van! Adeline will be joining you as a twenty month old tomorrow. Time sure flies!