Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday party

On Sunday the 17th we hosted a little second birthday party for Van. We wanted to keep it small so as not to overwhelm him. Although I think he was a little perplexed by the people. He was also a little confused by the cake coming in with the happy birthday song. He saw me bringing in the cake and was happy to see Thomas the Tank Engine on top but then quickly got a little freaked out when we all started singing lol. All in all I think he enjoyed himself. Although for our part we were quintessentially parent brain addled about the whole thing. Not only did we forget to take a lot of pics (of the decorations for example, although there are a lot of the cake eating as you will see!) we also forgot to give out the gift bags :-O! Anyway, here are some moments Pat did manage to capture:

Vanh and Max:

Hudson gets some love from Chibi:

Van is wondering what Neila is doing sitting in his chair hehe:

BBQ outside

Cake time:

Finally, about a week ago Pat took out his Tonka truck that he had played with as a child. As you can see below Van was enraptured :)

Van's actual birthday is tomorrow. His Ba (my mom) is arriving tonight and we have a couple of adoption gatherings this weekend so there will be more festivities over the next few days.


  1. Happy Birthday, Van! Two is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Hello!
    My name is Karen and I live in Gatineau. I saw our post about PADS and I am feeling the same way since our adoption 4 months ago. Are you feeling better? I am looking for ways to deal with this so if you would like to talk, let me know.
    Take care, your son is beautiful!