Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ode to teething

Oh little teeth trying to force your way through
sore and tender gums
How I wish you would come all at once
like the beat of 20 drums
Instead your emergence is in fits and starts
and all together bumpy
The result of which is much pain
and a toddler that is grumpy
A grumpy toddler is not really much fun
and many tantrums are the result
Sometimes odd and startling noises emerge
bringing visions of the occult
Moans and yells and sometimes shrieks
from such a little mouth
Makes one want to pack some suitcases
and head for a holiday down south
So please please hear the desperate plea
of a tired and rankled mother
We have all suffered through months of pain
and can't imagine another

As you can tell from my amateurish "poem" teething has become quite the epic adventure in this house. I am sure many many parents can relate lol. We constantly wonder why it takes so so so long for a few teeth to come through. Little dude has been suffering through almost constant, horrible teething pain for the past 2 months. The end result so far is 2 molars and very swollen gums around the upper eye teeth area. The eye teeth have been threatening to come through for 3 weeks now. Come through already! Jebus! Poor little dude is at his own wits end with this. He is not eating well, not sleeping well and having a lot of meltdowns and tantrums. Every other week or so things seems to calm down in his mouth and he (and us) get a week or a few days of happy bliss. Then the damn things start ratcheting up again. Who knew that this process could be so long and so awful for some kids. There is nothing we can do for him other than offer him comfort when he needs it and a mild doc approved pain killer when it's at its worst.

Anyway, here is a little picture of him when he is pain free and happy :)


  1. Poor sweet little guy...I have no advice. We've been working on 2 year molars for MONTHS and have 1! 1 of 4 to show for it. I really really wanted all of them to come in together.

    For what it's worth the eye teeth were the worst. Once those were in things got easier.

  2. Hi Meg, Have you tried Tylenol (for infants/toddlers)? We found that made a huge and almost immediate difference for Maya