Thursday, November 25, 2010

16 Months Old

Wow, where does the time go?? Van turned 16 months old on November 21st. Some days I think I see many changes and other days he seems like the same little guy we met at the orphanage almost 6 months ago. He still appears to be teething on and off with with one more molar to show for it. His upper eye teeth have also been threatening to come through for about a month now. The teething, as mentioned in my last post, has been such a struggle for our little guy. He really appears to be in significant pain much of time. It is also amazing how it can effect a child's personality. At its worst the teething can turn him into a completely different personality with lots of tantrums and melt downs. Then a break in the teething brings back the happy little guy who appears to be able to roll with the punches. I am convinced that the bad rap toddlers get are due in large part to teething as it can effect every aspect of their daily (and nightly) lives. Luckily for us no matter how bad it gets during the day, he always sleeps through the night. I know we are very lucky in this respect!!

As far as his other development goes, he has managed to find the patience to begin sitting through a few songs at day care (not with us yet though lol). He is definitely taking more interest in what other children are doing and wanting to become more involved. He is starting to become a bit more pushy with toys. Before he might try and take one away but wouldn't kick up a fuss if another child tried to take it back. Now he is beginning to feel somewhat possessive. He doesn't kick up a fuss, he just holds on tight and tries to turn his body away from the other child. I still do not really hear many words although his daycare provider continues to insist that he has a number of words now. When dropping him off at daycare one morning Pat did witness him saying "Ya Please" when his provider asked him if he wanted his breakfast. At first he said "Ya" and then she said "Yes please"? and he said "Ya Please" in response. Yesterday morning when saying goodbye to Pat and Van as they left the house Van looked at me then took his finger and poked Pat on the chest and said "Dada". I definitely heard and saw him say that. Still waiting for him to do that and say mama although he has said mama numerous times before I've just never been sure if he knew the meaning. This morning at a doctor's appointment he actually brought me a doll and the plastic bottle (they have toys there) and pretended to feed the doll. I know this is a developmental stage but I was still surprised to see it as he has never shown any interest in dolls or stuffed animals before. I think the little girls at his daycare are having a good influence on him :)

On Sunday (the day he turned 16 months) we met up with Sam, Woody, Max and Vanh and went to the agricultural museum at the experimental farm. We were very curious to see how Van would react seeing the animals in the barn. Well he had no fear that's for sure! He stuck his hands in to pet the sheep and goats and allowed a calf to lick his hands and forehead! I tell you this boy has no fear! We're going to have to watch him like hawks! After the barn we went for a nice lunch at a new favourite pho restaurant. Here are a few pictures:

After his afternoon nap we headed to our friend's David and Brenna's place for dinner. Of course a pre-dinner snack of pita bread and hummus was in order for Van and 18 month old Neila:

"I am 16 months old!" (BTW the bruise is a result of a fall at daycare):


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  2. Do you notice how the little 16-month-old is sitting and nicely eating, while the 2 year olds are climbing and whining?

  3. They were looking nicely out the window ;) He only sits quietly and eats when he's really hungry. The rest of the time it's twisting and turning and trying to climb out of the chair while taking occasional bites. It's funny how parents have different memories of their kids lol.