Monday, November 1, 2010

First Halloween

Well as with a lot of the firsts, we had high expectations for Halloween. We should know by now that expectations are useless when dealing with a toddler lol. Our big plan had been to go to the twins (Max and Vanh) place and hit their neighbourhood. Sam had found a great Pooh Bear outfit as Max and Vanh had decided they wanted to be Piglet and Tigger. It would have been perfect with a bunch of prime photo opportunities. Well Van had other ideas. Between the endless teething pain and fighting a cold (that has plagued me since last week), he just wasn't up for a trip in the car and a lateish night. We decided to take him to 3 of our neighbours' houses instead and get him to bed a bit early. I don't think he ever knew what was really going on and was more intent on getting into our neighbours' homes rather than accept the candy on offer. Here are a few pictures (my mother visited this weekend but sadly we didn't manage to get any pictures with her and Van):

Costume is on:

Watching our neighbour Mark get the shared front step shoveled off in readiness for the trick or treaters:

The first house. A bit confused:

He knows our neighbours so ran in right away...past C.C and into the living room. It took a bit of coaxing to get him to come back and accept some candy lol:

Darkness has arrived. Even Superman and his dog SuperChibi need to call it a night at some point:

We did manage to get together with a few other adoptive families on Saturday for a little Halloween get together. Kindly hosted by Cindy and her super cute daughter Hannah. We decided to try for a group shot on the couch. After a few tries we finally got one.

An adjustment to Tigger:

Superman is trying to get away:

Now Superman is traumatizing the little lady beside him:

Finally, success! From left to right: Vanh and Max (27 months), Hannah (almost 3), Van (15 months) and Olivia (12 months).

Trying on a Mexican wrestling mask from one of daddy's previous costumes :)

He thought the mask was pretty funny!

Unrelated to Halloween but equally as monumental in Van's young life, his first exposure to snow:

I will end with a recent picture of Van that I just love!


  1. Wow does he every look different in that last photo...he seems more grown up and less of a baby! lots of great memories for sure!!

  2. I love that Superman outfit! This was the first year that M. enjoyed Halloween. Christmas will be interesting...