Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life in the orphanage

I decided it was time to post some pictures of life at Hoa Binh orphanage before it becomes a distant memory lol. It was a great orphanage and anybody who is referred a child from there is lucky indeed. The children get a ton of attention. Between the nannies and the older children the babies are constantly being attended to. They do not cry for long before someone picks them up. Note the three little girls in some of the pics. Two of them became very attached to us. They would have come with us if we had let them lol. The littlest one was 2 believe it or not. She was tiny! Van was almost as big as her. The other girls were 3 and one of them loved us! Particularly Pat. One day when we were leaving she grabbed onto my hand and followed us to the taxi. She wasn't going to let go! Many of the babies have been referred to families in France and Canada. The older children are either there temporarily while their families get on their feet or were rescued victims of attempted trafficking so will not be up for international adoption. Anyway, here are some pics of life inside and outside Hoa Binh:


  1. Merci pour ces photos!!! Avez vous pris d'autres photos des petits bébés? Peut être savez vous lesquels vont partir en France?
    Car en France, nous n'avons pas de photos avant de rencontrer l'enfant!
    Merci encore!!

  2. Sorry for my bad english... but it's amazing, i just recognized my daugther on one of the picture !!!

    Do you have more pictures of the other babys ? My baby just arrived few days before you were there. It touch my mother heart to see her in another blog, that's so funny !