Saturday, September 11, 2010

Play-date fun

One of the joys of being a parent is the opportunity to hang out with other parents and their kids. We try to do this as much as possible as it gives us an opportunity to hang with other adults who know what it's like to be a parent, and Van really seems to enjoy the hustle and bustle associated with other small children being present. We especially love our play-dates with other families who have adopted from Vietnam. It is nice that Van will be able to grow up with other children who have similar backgrounds and experiences as him.

Hanging with Hudson at Hudson's 1st birthday party:

With Laura and out of town visitor Alexander. Van: "Hmmm what are they doing and why is daddy taking a picture of them?"

"I know, if I walk in front of them daddy will take my picture instead"

On Saturday we went to our neighbourhood park with our friend Brodie and her little guy Sam. We hadn't seen them in awhile so it was great to have the boys spend some quality time together although Van is still in parallel play mode.

Sam trying to run off with Van's stroller:

Van enjoying the space to run:

"I want to get in"..."No I want to get in":

Sam: "Come on Chibi! Play with the ball", Van: "If you ask nicely she may even agree to lick the inside of your mouth and clean up any cookie crumbs that may be lurking". (parent's note, we attempt to stop this whenever we can lol. But Van really enjoys it, yikes!):

Enjoying all that a park has to offer:

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