Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is anybody still reading??

I am trying to determine if anybody is still reading the blog as nobody has commented in some time. If nobody is reading then I may just close it down...



  1. Still reading - but speachless. I've been struggling finding the right words. Indeed, a new journey ahead of you. Nothing is certain in life and we can't control everything except taking things one day at a time.

  2. I'm reading! D: I'm sorry i don't comment, i'm much more a lurker then i am a commenter ^^;;;
    i enjoy reading about Van and your lil boy or girl in Korea when (s)he gets updates/home(:

  3. Click on dashboard to see your stats... I'm always amazed at just how many people are visiting from how many places, but no-one says a word! I think a big problem is how hard it is to comment - first, you have to have an account, and then you have to be able to read those warped words "to prove you're not a robot" - it usually takes me at least three tries!

  4. Hi,
    Yes, I am still following your blog. Feeling a bit like you in that very few people leave comments on my blog. I don't quite know what to say on-line about Van's diagnosis as I don't know you personally, except that I have read your blog. I am sorry you are faced with this news but as a teacher think the early diagnosis is going to be a help in the long run. He should be entitled to some kind of extra support when he enters school. Early diagnosis is very important and hopefully you can get access to some very good pre-school and home support programs. It sounds like you are very aware of his needs, in all areas (adoption, cultural and now the ASD) and as a result he is very fortunate to have such loving, caring parents.
    Take care, and I'll keep following your blog.

  5. Thanks guys! I will keep posting :)

  6. I agree with Samantha. The account thing and warped words make leaving a comment a real challenge. I check my stats often but would love more people to leave comments.

    1. We should all make a point of commenting on each others' blogs every now and again!

  7. Still reading! I have a little water buffalo as well and love to see how Van is doing and can't wait to hear your good news about your second!