Thursday, April 28, 2011


As we near a year being with Van I've been reflecting a lot on everything we went through before we were finally sure Van would be our son. It was a little touch and go there for awhile but on April 20th of last year we received the email we had been waiting for telling us that all the investigations had been done and everything looked good. My relief was obvious in my blog post which you can read again here.

This next month will be filled with similar memories. I am so thankful we have our little peanut. I simply can't imagine life without him!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Many milestones not enough time

Hi blog friends. I've had a busy few weeks with out of town friends and have not had time to update the blog. A lot of little milestones have come and gone so I thought I'd do an update.

We reached an all important milestone about a month ago (I wish I could remember the exact date right now). Van has now been with us longer than he was in the orphanage. There is a real sense of peace that comes with that knowledge. It's hard to explain but the sense of a familial bond got a little stronger once that day was reached. Van had a wonderful first 10 months in the orphanage. He had a nounou who loved him very much. We had a lot to live up to so to speak. Even though it was just a day, it as if we became a little bit closer as a family.

Van turned 21 months on April 21st. Where has the time gone? He continues to surprise and delight with all the new development he is experiencing. He continues to add new words although sometimes it takes us a little to recognize them as new words. He is also in full repeat mode so we have to be constantly aware of what we say in front of him lol. No more potty mouths hehe. Speaking of potty, he has begun to inform us when he is having a poop. He calls it peepee though. He will leave the room for a minute then come back in and say "peepee". I know this is TMI for non parents but it is a first step towards future potty training. He is obviously aware of what he is doing and requiring privacy lol. Maybe we should leave some reading material in the hallway ;). Potty training is still in the future and considering what our friends are going through I think I can wait! Two other things he has started doing are more delightful. He has finally figured out what a camera is and that posing for one is the social norm. He even says cheese when he smiles. This happened suddenly. One day we were still having to chase him around while jumping up and down like a monkey to try and make him smile, the next day our out of town friend decided to take a picture of him and he stared at the camera while flashing a smile saying "cheese". Where did that come from? We think he picked it up at daycare :) The other new development is his ability to now hug properly. Before he would cuddle but he didn't really hug back. About a week ago he suddenly started wrapping his arms around us and giving us proper hugs. A wonderful surprise the first time he did it right before putting him in his crib at bedtime. I didn't want to let him go!! His affection levels have definitely risen in the last month or so. I guess that's what comes with age and secure attachment...and diligent cuddles and kisses on out part. It's as if he finally realized that hugs, cuddles and kisses are good things. I still remember the first few months when he really didn't want any close contact. It is amazing how far we've come as a family and it is wonderful!!!

Being a parent is such a roller-coaster of emotions. But I think I am finally beginning to understand what parents told me before I became a parent myself. That although filled with ups and downs and sometimes much stress it is all worth it. The rewards are so very great. Last night I was making dinner and Pat was getting Van ready for his bath. They were obviously carrying on with each other as I could hear Van's belly laughs (you know the ones parents...the full, deep from the belly, pure joy laughs) and I thought life doesn't get any better than this. Nothing makes me happier than to see and hear such happiness emanating from my son.

Anyway, enough sentiment. Here are some pics from the last month or so.

Van with Uncle Grant visiting from Scotland:

Fun at a sugar shack:

Enjoying his new kitchen:

Helping daddy clean the backyard:

Easter egg hunt at Sam, Woody, Max and Vanh's:

More interested in the tricycle lol:

Max, Vanh and two other little friends getting more into the spirit of things:

After eggs playtime (note the chocolate smudges on Van's face...hehe):

Good friends :) Only shot where everyone is facing forward. Van looks a bit evil, but he's actually focused on the food lol:

Getting restless lol: