Monday, October 10, 2011

It's already October!!

Holy crap it's October! Where does the time go?? Seriously?? Well, since my last post (well the post before last) I have worked the Ottawa International Animation Festival, which was great fun, and started my new job. Ah but not the job I was going to be starting. I was wooed away to work at another firm. I was certainly not expecting another offer to come my way but it is a much better situation for me. It's a downtown firm with some work at their satellite office in Renfrew. I will be practicing mostly family and hopefully some immigration/refugee work as well. They are very busy and therefore I will also be busy. Which is great. I also have my own office (with a window!).

On the Van front, he is trucking along doing the types of things two year old's like to get up to. He is generally happy interspersed with full drama filled moments that seem to come out of nowhere. He is getting his second year molars which can cause some pretty challenging behaviour....such as a full on screaming tantrum after being removed from Chapters for purposely knocking the Thomas the Tank Engine trains on the floor. Yet on the flip side he is really becoming a little boy. He is inquisitive and has a great sense of humour. He loves to entertain. Who can resist a little body running up and down the hall screeching and laughing in delight while clutching a handful of cloth diapers. He instinctively knows this is funny. In fact he'll stop periodically, look at us and say "punny" (funny in Van speak). He is a ham that's for sure! As always, here are some pictures:

Fun at the park:

Swing face (I'm going to do a compilation my next post, seriously lol):

Tet Trung Thu with Max, Vanh and some other friends:


Time for cake:

Heading out on the lantern walk to the Chinatown arch:

Rest time:

"We're here....umm where is here?!"

A walk on a nice fall morning:


"Dumb uck!" (I know how it sounds lol. So if a certain word gets dropped by accident we can always pretend he is saying truck!):

Another hockey season moment. He knows the Leafs' and Sens' logos and says "Ockey!!" quite emphatically. Our brainwashing is working hehe:

"Cheese". I love his face. He looks like he's about to go postal haha!:

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