Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy belated 7 months little man

Van turned 7 months yesterday and we sadly missed it :( We're not sure at this point when we'll get over. We haven't heard a peep. We can only assume that it won't be the end of the month like previously hoped. Some days I wonder if this process will ever end...sigh...On the up side we finished his room and have found a friend who will paint a mural on the wall. That's exciting at least.

I'm of course a little bummed with the Olympics so far. There will be no "own the podium" this time around that's for sure. Most disappointing is the play of our men's hockey team! It's going to be a struggle for us to get into the medals never mind the gold medal. For a country passionate about hockey this is a blow for sure. Being a small country there is not a lot we are good has always been our game. The one thing we've been able to do well. That's my little Olympic rant.

Hopefully we'll have good news soon...maybe a hockey medal AND travel dates :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh well...

Can you guess what we got this week? That's right, no news....sigh. Another adoptive blogger said it perfectly "This adoption is starting to feel like a fantasy again". Here goes my calculating mind again: It's Friday so no news for the weekend. Worse is next week is Tet and nothing will be happening then so obviously we won't hear anything now until the 19th of February. Factor notice to travel and we are likely looking at March...hopefully early March...I guess we didn't need to do the crazy rush to finish the nursery and prepare for travel.

It's so tough because on the one hand you want the little tidbits of hope i.e. our director saying she thinks we might hear something. On the other hand maybe it would have been better not to hope that it would happen this week. Oh the crazy roller coaster that is adoption! We did get 4 new pics of him though, which were amazing. We want him in our arms so badly...I can only stare wistfully at the baby clothes so much...

Oh least it's time for the Olympics, which will be nice and distracting...Go Canada!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feeling positive

Today was a great day. We went to our local Vietnamese community Tet celebration. It was busy busy! At first we weren't sure what was going on as we got herded into an auditorium by the crowds. There was a band on stage made up of young guys singing a rock song in Vietnamese. We were wondering if this was it as we had hoped there would be food amongst other things. The song ended and everybody got up and started leaving. We were once again swept up with the crowd down a tiny hall (this building is a maze) until we popped out into a big room filled with food, yummy food. Randomly, amongst all the Vietnamese food was a little stall with Sri Lankan food...interesting...yummy but interesting. After finally breaking free of the crowd we scanned the room and saw some familiar faces from our adoptive community. So, much chatting with the adults and squeezing of cute baby cheeks ensued. The we saw the director of our agency and other agency people and made our way over for a round of hugs and smiles. It was then that our director said that she has been hearing some things that has made her believe that we'll be getting the call soon. Her feelings were even more positive than last Monday. So now we are hovering on the line between cautiously optimistic and "to hell with the cautious part" full on optimistic. The most optimistic we've been yet. We could be on our way to our little guy within the next couple of weeks!!

Then it hit us...holy crap we have a lot to do. So we left Tet festival and went to Ikea to pick up some outstanding items for his room, such as shelving and storage containers. Pat still has to refinish the floor of the room and then we have to reassemble the crib. We have to go through his suitcase to see if we need anything else. It's so much fun doing this last minute rush of planning :) I thought the time would never come.

I will keep everybody posted :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1st 2 weeks of work and some hope for February

I know it's been awhile since I've posted but I've been, well, busy with work lol. Also hasn't really been anything to report. Well first, my job is going well so far. I got 2 days of training in Toronto last week so they obviously have plans for me. The actual work has been a bit of a slow start which is not surprising as there is quite a learning curve! I am still excited by it all though which is a good sign.

On the good news front, our AP friends Brodie and Eric are in Vietnam now with their son Samuel. I've seen the family pics and they're so precious. I cried when I saw the first pic of Brodie with Sam. We spent a few coffee's in the past few months talking about whether our day would ever come. Well her's has come and I am so happy for her family!

Now on to us. I was out for dinner with our agency director last night (volunteering for an event to raise money for causes our agency works with). She stated that she was very hopeful that we would travel the end of February! Now, we are not going to get too excited by this news as we all know how unpredictable this process is. But this is more hope than we have had in a long time. I was expecting April to be honest. Again, it may very well end up being that far in the future (although she did say pretty emphatically that it shouldn't be that long). So I told my job today it could be sooner than expected and they have been very supportive. So loyal readers, stay tuned to see how things unfold over the next few weeks :)