Tuesday, December 21, 2010

17 months old

V-man is 17 months old today. Wow! He says bye all the time now (at the appropriate moments too). He also says "ohohoh" when you ask him what santa says. Other new, and cute I might add, developments are that he will kiss on demand (particularly pictures or his own reflection), he claps in the traditional way now and also bounces up and down when he is dancing. His daycare provider says that he knows the names of his daycare friends and has a few other words that of course we never hear at home, sigh. His personality is growing everyday and he is such a delight (ok, maybe not at mealtimes lol).

This past Sunday we hosted a xmas cookie exchange. Four other families from the adoption community came over along with a friend from the neighbourhood. As always it is great to get the children together and I think everybody had a nice time. We have about a hundred cookies we have to consume over the next few weeks though! Yikes!

Here are some pics:

The table laid out with all the wonderful cookies. Some people went to great lenghs to create the most delicious and attractive cookies. Mine left a little to be desired but I have been told they were tasty....hmmm, I think people are just being nice.

Fun in the ball tent:

Looking pensive:

Tickle time:

By the way, here is a video of Van "dancing". Unfortunately it uploaded sideways and we can't figure out how to rotate it. Argg!

Bustin' a Move from Patrick Lewis on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for the fun, and oh look more photos of my kids destroying your house.
    Wow Van looks gorgeous, they are all beautiful boys but he is extra cute!

  2. We had a fun time. Thanks for organizing this!

  3. Thanks guys :) I love these little get togethers!

  4. PS If your cookies weren't good how come there are none left over here hmmm?