Saturday, November 12, 2011


Wow! It seems like blogging once a month is going to be the norm around here. I never realized how time consuming it was until I started working fill time. I guess when I was home every day I had plenty of time to keep things updated. Now I have to choose between Van's afternoon nap or some other time when I am usually very tired.

Things are going pretty well around here. I've been working at my new job for about 6 weeks now and am feeling pretty good about practicing again. I already have quite a growing client base and have been in court a few times. I am hopeful it won't take me too long to hit my stride. Van is great as usual. His words are coming on more and more everyday and his personality is really blossoming. He is a real little boy now! He knows what he likes and doesn't like but he's relatively low on the drama king scale so when it's something he doesn't like he'll just tell you rather than kicking off in a meltdown or tantrum. He really is a pretty easy going little guy. He likes to play with his cars and trucks and especially LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine. Anything Thomas makes Van a happy dude. He also loves books. I think forcing him to look at books when he was younger has paid off lol. Another little milestone (which makes mommy particularly happy) is that he has finally started developing an interest in and attachment to stuffed toys. He now has 3 that he likes to sleep with. Again, we diligently put these 3 toys in his crib every night only to find them on the floor every morning. Then about a month ago he started asking for them (Tigger, teddy and bunny) and they were no longer ending up on the floor. Another indoctrination success story :)

An update on our second adoption? Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork!! I forgot how much paperwork was involved in adoption. We have gotten it all together for our SW so she can complete our homestudy. Then she will pass the HS to our agency to look over before it's gets sent to the Ontario ministry for approval. Once approved it will be sent to Korea! That will likely be in December or January. Then we will be referral ready by March in all likelihood. Wow it's crazy to think this time next year we could already be home with Van's little brother or sister!!

Here are a few pics of the little man.

It's fall:


Chibi the super devil dog:

The frog prince:

Handing out candy:

End of the night: