Sunday, August 28, 2011

Long time!

Hey readers I hope you are still checking in. I'm very sorry for not updating in over a month. Its been busy busy! I have been working (yay) at the Ottawa International Animation Festival as the guest services coordinator. Booking hotels and flight for filmmakers and industry execs. Its been great to finally be out of the house doing something I enjoy. Once I am finished with the festival I am going to be joining a small law firm and will be practicing again! The firm is in the west end so we bought another car this weekend (used). Big changes lol. The final piece of big news is that we have started the adoption process again! We will likely be receiving a referral for Van's little brother or sister next year! Our second adoption will be from South Korea. We would have loved to have stayed with Vietnam but the wait would just be so long and we had an opportunity to be part of what could very well be the last year for Korean adoptions. The program has been around for over 50 years and is very organized. We are very excited about learning all about a new culture. I lived in Japan for two years a few years ago and the cultures are similar so I already feel like I have a bit of a connection. It will be so neat to have Van and his brother or sister experience and learn about each others cultures. And hey, who doesn't want to celebrate three New Year's!!! I will write about the second adoption on this blog for now. I may start a second one eventually or start a family blog. Not sure. I have some thinking to do :)

Now back to the star of this blog. Van is enjoying his summer. He is also enjoying being 2 I think. Some days he seems like such a big boy but other days he's still my little baby :) He had his second year doctor's visits and everything looks great although his family doc thinks it would be worth us taking Van to a speech therapist as he does have some delay. So we are going to pay to take him for an appointment in September. Even if it's just to get some ideas on how we can work with him.

Anyway, enough blather. Here are some pics of the summer.

Yearly summer party in Greely for adoptive families:

Max and Vanh's third year birthday party:

Enjoying his big birthday present (not quite able to push the pedals fully yet):

Science and Technology Museum:

Parliament Hill:

A boy and his dog:

A mom and her son:

Summer playdate fun with Max and Vanh: