Thursday, August 5, 2010

My first long separation

Pat and Van are leaving tomorrow to go to Nova Scotia for 10 days to visit Pat's family. I'm staying behind :( We couldn't secure babysitting for our dog Chibi for the entire time and are not comfortable (and frankly can't afford) leaving her at a kennel for some or all of the time. It was a very tough decision to not go. I had in fact booked a ticket to go and left it until just now to cancel. I am going to miss my boys like crazy! I am happy that Pat's family will get a chance to spend time with Van and get to know him. It will be nice for him to finally meet his other grandmother :)

Van is now 12 and 1/2 months. I am sure those that don't know him are wondering what he is up to these days. Well he's pretty much walking all of the time now (or should I say toddling lol). Check out this video (sorry about it being sideways. Pat forgot to save the corrected version and it took too long to upload to go through it all again):

Sam and Woody gave us the outfit as a twin hand me down. We decided to put him in it now as we weren't sure whether he will still fit into it when it gets cold and it is simply to cute to not try on!

He is still babbling like crazy but there are still no discernible words, although I am sure he is saying mama...if I listen hard enough. All and all he is enjoying his life as a newly minted toddler. Getting into things, falling...ergo injuring...and generally keeping mom and dad (and the animals) on their toes. Here are some other random pics for your enjoyment.

Fighting with Max and Vanh over the water table in our backyard:

Getting him used to his Leafs jersey. Can't start the allegiances too early ;) :

Before I finish this post I would like to share something very special. Pat finished Van's adoption video. He has been working on it for the past 2 months and it is incredible if I do say so myself. The link is below. You can copy and paste into a new window I think (hope it works. Youtube wouldn't allow the music so it has only worked uploaded on Facebook). Please enjoy and try not to cry like a baby (like I do every time I see it).